• Requests for External Work by University Staff

    Kengyo Irai [Request for External Work]

    When staff and faculty members of the University of Tsukuba engage in external work, they are requested to submit prior notification and obtain approval from the university. Organizations or institutions interested in inviting staff or faculty members of our university to work in their organizations or institutions are requested to apply in writing in advance. In principle, a written approval is not issued, unless otherwise requested. If you require our written approval, please include a self-addressed envelope with your request.

    Request Procedure

    When organizations or institutions wish to invite staff or faculty members of our university to work in their organizations or institutions, they are requested to send a "Kengyo Irai Sho" (Request Form for External Work) with information 1-8 listed below to the corresponding university or research organization's work office.

    Please contact us at the following address if you have any questions.
    (Remove "#" from the above e-mail address before sending mail.)

    1. Department, position, name of our staff or faculty member Example 1: -- Department, Professor, Taro Tsukuba
    Example 2: --Center, Associate Professor, Ichiro Kono
    2. Position name and contents and type of work to be engaged When the request is for non-full-time lecturers, please specify the lecture title. When the request is for committee members and other positions, please include details. Attachment of reference data will be appreciated.
    3. Period Please specify period "From __ (Year/Month/Date) to __ (Year/Month/Date)". The maximum period for each request is one year. Contracts, however, can be renewed.
    4. Working hours Please specify the working time, including duration per time and frequency by year or month or week.
    5. Remuneration Specify the amount of remuneration, if applicable. (Specify whether transportation allowance is included in the amount). When the amount of payment has not been finalized at the time of application, please write the provisional amount.
    6. Venue When the place of work is outside your organizations or institutions, please specify the venue.
    7. Request of a written approval A written approval is not issued unless requested.
    8. Name and address of person-in-charge When submitting a request for a written approval, please include your name, mailing address, department and phone number.


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