• Freshman/New Student Orientation for Academic Year 2017

    04 07, 10, 11, 12, 2017

    Below are the dates for orientation sessions for new undergraduate and graduate students entering the University of Tsukuba.

    Schools and Colleges (Undergraduates)
    Dates: April 7 (Fri), April 10 (Mon), April 11 (Tue), April 12 (Wed)
    1. April 7 (Fri) after the Entrance Ceremony: 1st year students(pdf, Japanese only) / transfer students (pdf, Japanese only)

    2. April 10 (Mon): 1st year students (pdf, Japanese only) / not available for transfer students

    3. April 11 (Tue) and April 12 (Wed):
    Please see the pdf files below.
    ◆ For 1st year students
    School of Humanities and Culture / School of Social and International Studies / School of Human Sciences / School of Life and Environmental Sciences / School of Science and Engineering / School of Informatics / School of Medicine and Medical Sciences / School of Health and Physical Education, School of Art and Design (all in Japanese)
    ◆ For transfer students
    Venues for university orientations: Map of the University of Tsukuba
    Please also see the map of Tsukuba Campus.

    Graduate Programs (Graduate Schools)
    Dates: April 7 (Fri), April 10 (Mon)
    Please note that the date of student orientation differs according to the programs and graduate schools.
    (Japanese / English)

    Division of Educational Promotion, Department of Educational Promotion, University of Tsukuba
    Tel: 029-853-2207 (Weekday 08:30-17:00)
    To inquire about the orientation of graduate school program, please contact the program's Academic Service Office. The contact information is included pdf files below.
    (Japanese / English)

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