• Cultural Exchange《ORIGAMI Workshop》 Decoration of "Hina Matsuri”~Japan's Doll Festival~

    02 08, 2019

    Cultural Exchange《ORIGAMI Workshop》
    Decoration of "Hina Matsuri”~Japan's Doll Festival~

    The tradition and art of paper folding

    We will introduce and teach you the enjoyment of doing origami which should be seasonable and simple.
    Using beautiful, colorful paper with traditional designs, you can decorate Japan's doll festival.
    And you can challenge to create the celebration paper cranes, too.

    Make a perfect souvenir for your family and friends!
    Please come and join us!

    ●Date Friday, February 8
    ●Time 14:00-15:30
    ●Place Student Commons (2nd Floor, 1A)
    ●Fees  Free!

    Participants: foreign faculty, foreign researchers at University of Tsukuba and their families.(Capacity: 20 people)

    To participate in this gathering, please send your information.
    E-mail: (Remove “#” from the above e-mail address before sending mail.)

    ・Name and Affiliation (Faculty, Department, etc…)
    ・E-mail Address

    ※Application Deadline : Friday, February 1

    ■ About “Hinamatsuri” Japan's Doll Festival
    Hinamatsuri is celebrated on every March 3 to pray for the health and happiness of young children especially girls in Japan.
    Families display a set of hina dolls dressed in japanese ancient costumes in the house and serving special food delicacies that are ceremonially beautiful and delicious.

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