• Men’s Basketball Team Claims Victory at All Japan Intercollegiate Basketball Championship for the Third Year in a Row

    12 05, 2016

    The 68th All Japan Intercollegiate Basketball Championship was held at the Second Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo from November 21 to 27. The University of Tsukuba Men’s Basketball Team claimed victory at the tournament. The team won the championship for the third time in a row.

    Members of the Men’s Basketball Team made a courtesy visit to the university board of directors on December 5. The board members included President Kyosuke Nagata, Vice President Shin-ichi Tamagawa, and Vice President Makoto Ito.
    The following members of the men’s basketball team attended the courtesy visit. All were in in the School of Health and Physical Education: Fourth-year students, including Mr. Shusuke Ikuhara (captain), Mr. Jotaro Mitsuda, Mr. Tsuyoshi Kibayashi; and a third-year student Mr. Yusei Sugiura. They were accompanied to the courtesy visit by Professor Hisashi Sanada, Provost of the School of Health and Physical Education, and Professor Toshihiro Otaka and Associate Professor Kenji Yoshida of the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences.

    All attendees at the courtesy visit reminisced about the events with the board members. At the end of the meeting, President Nagata and the vice presidents praised the students for their performance and offered them encouraging words. He expressed his expectations that the team will win the championship for the fourth year, and the fifth year in a row.

    Individual Awards:
    MVP: Mr. Yusei Sugiura.
    Best player award: Mr. Shusuke Ikuhara
    Best player award: Mr. Yudai Baba
    Top scorer award: Mr. Yusei Sugiura (a total of 114 scores)

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