• University of Tsukuba Library Promotion Video "Life with Library" Published Online

    04 01, 2017

    The University of Tsukuba Library published its promotion video titled "Life with Library" (hereinafter referred to as the "PV").

    The PV was produced by students in the School of Art and Design, under the direction of Assistant Professor Fumiaki Murakami of the Faculty of Art and Design. It was the second PV of the university library, following the first PV produced in 2008 titled "Shuugo Toshokan Seikatsu Doudesuka? (How about coming to the university library five days a week?)". The 2017 version of the PV is about three minutes long. It has been created without using captions or subtitles, aiming to be easy to understand for international students.

    The PV has been posted on YouTube (UnivTsukubaLibrary-pv) and the University of Tsukuba official website. In addition, it is planned to be screened at the orientation of the university library and on the digital signage at the university’s satellite office, BiVi Tsukuba.

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