• Mobile Kitchen Cars Extended the Period of Food Catering Services on Campus

    04 25, 2017

    Kitchen Cars, mobile food catering trucks, have served food on Tsukuba campus since October 2016, on a trial basis. Since their service gained popularity among students, the university decided to extend their service period as stated below.

    ■ Operation Period: From May 8 to March 31
    (They will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, New Year holidays, and during the period of the university festival and students’ vacations.)

    ■ Opening Hours: Approximately from 10:00 to 14:00

    ■ Areas: Area 1, Art and Physical Education Area, Medical Area, and Kasuga Area

    ■ Menu Plan: The Kitchen Cars' menu plan is available on the Koseikai website of the University of Tsukuba (Japanese Only).

    ■ Notice: Kitchen Cars may close without notice due to bad weather conditions.

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