• Holding of Go Abroad! 〈2017 Fall Study Abroad Fair〉

    10 25, 2017

    The Go Abroad! 〈2017 Fall Study Abroad Fair〉 was held following the Spring Study Abroad Fair in the University Hall Area and co-hosted by Global Commons, Office of Global Initiatives, Top Global University Project Office of the Department of Educational Promotion, and Division of Student Exchange of the Department of Student Welfare of the University of Tsukuba on October 25 (Wednesday).

    The Campus-in-Campus, joint degree program, and dual degree program booth, various booths dedicated to scholarship information, off-campus organizations, and student organizations were set up along with area-specific booths to make it easy for applicants to collect information in this fair. By contriving the booth layout to provide applicants a firsthand briefing from faculty members who are coordinators for international exchange partner universities and employees in charge of programs and for them to hear about various actual experiences and country information from students with study abroad experience and international students who are studying at the University of Tsukuba, participating students gained needed information in an efficient way.

    There were more than 250 students in the fair and it provided a good opportunity for information collection and cross-cultural exchange. Our university will further expand various support to meet the needs of students to add even more students who are spreading their wings around the world from Tsukuba.

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