• The 43rd University of Tsukuba Soho-sai Festival

    11 05, 2017

    The 43rd University of Tsukuba Soho-sai Festival was held from November 3 to 5. The kagami-biraki ceremony was held on the first day, with the President, Vice Presidents, Board of Directors, and other guests in attendance. About 350 events took place at the festival, including student presentations on club/circle activities and research achievements.

    Collaboration events with Tsukuba City also took place, with the idea of University Festival Student Committee members to share the fun of soho-sai festival with people outside the university. In addition, a special exhibition booth was set in front of the Central Library, which introduced the city of Tsukuba from the view point of students.

    The 43rd soho-sai festival was held under the theme of "Tsukuba-biyori", which means the perfect weather for Tsukuba. Though it rained occasionally, more people than usual visited our festival as the festival theme suggests.

    Fireworks, which had been designed and produced based on the pictures drawn by hospitalized kids in the University of Tsukuba Hospital, were set off in the night for the finale of the three-day festival.
    We thank you for visiting the university festival and look forward to seeing you again next year.

    UNITED stage performance

    Taiko performance at the University of Tsukuba Hall

    Exhibition booths by university students

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