• Emergency Disaster Drill for Academic Year 2017

    11 21, 2017

    University staff evacuating from a building

    The Emergency Disaster Drill for Academic Year 2017 was held at the University of Tsukuba on November 21. About 5,200 students, faculty, and staff of the university participated in the drill.

    It was held on the assumption that an earthquake intensity 6 lower happened in the city of Tsukuba. Evacuation guidance, transportation of injured people, and safety report to the university’s emergency headquarter were included in the drill.

    University staff in each department reported on their safety situation to the emergency headquarter during the drill. With President Kyosuke Nagata taking a lead role, the emergency headquarter tried to grasp the university’s safety situation, including that of the Tokyo Campus and research centers away from Tsukuba Campus.

    In addition, firefighting training was carried out at the Administration Center. Participants practiced extinguishing a fire using a water extinguisher. They also learned the way to set up hybrid air tents (disaster prevention tent) outside the building.

    Overall, the drill was a great opportunity to raise awareness about disasters. The University of Tsukuba intends to continue its effort to improve measures against disasters.

    A firefighting drill using a water extinguisher

    The hybrid air tents (disaster prevention tent) outside the building

    President Nagata giving a comment on the training

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