• 12th APEC-Tsukuba and UNESCO (MGIEP) International Conference

    02 10, 2018

    The Center for Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development (CRICED) held the conference at the Tokyo Campus from February 7 to 10 in the year 2018 with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan, Khon Kaen University, Ministry of Education Higher Education Commission, Thailand, and Mahatma Gundy Institute for Education on Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), and Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). The number of participants in total 157 people with 132 overseer participants from 12 countries.

    At the Opening Ceremony, President Nagata, PhD, the University of Tsukuba, President President Kittichai, PhD, Khon Kaen University, Ms. Tomoka Satomi, Director of Cabinet for International, MEST, and Dr. Luksmon, Director of Higher Education Commission, Thailand, and Ms. Mochizuki, Director of Curriculum, UNESCO-MGIEP provide their greetings.

    Keynote Speakers and VIPs. From the left of front, second person (Maitree Inprasihta), Forth (President Nagata), Fifth (President Kittichai), Sixth (Lusmon), Seventh(Satomi), Eighth (Mochizuki), last (Vice President, Benton), Behind VP. Benton (Isoda, Director of CRICED)

    whole participants

    Last day: from center to right, Anantha Kumar Duraiappah (Director of UNESCO-MGIEP), Maitree Inprasitha (Director of IRDTP), Ethel Agnes P Valenzuela (Vice Director of SEAMEO Secretariat), Masami Isoda (Director of CRICED)

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