• University of Tsukuba Obtains Top Marks in Mid-term Evaluation of its Top Global University Project

    02 28, 2018

    The University of Tsukuba's Top Global University Project received an "S" grade, the highest grade, in the first mid-term evaluation of the Top Global University Project. Among thirteen universities selected for the Top Type (Type A) of the project, only two universities including University of Tsukuba received S grades.

    The evaluation was conducted by a program committee of external experts, established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), to assess progress in the first three years of the project.

    In the evaluation report, University of Tsukuba’s progress was praised as "being excellent and expected to achieve project goals." In particular, "Campus-in-Campus" and "International Education and Research Laboratory Program", the core initiatives of the university's Top Global University Project, received high remarks along with other initiatives such as concentrated investment in internationally high-ranked research areas and the development of new research metrics in humanities and social sciences as well as sports-related sciences.

    By further advancing the project, University of Tsukuba intends to transform from a "university open to all" to a "Transborder University which opens up Japanese higher education and society to the world".

    Results of the mid-term evaluation of the Top Global University Project

    What is "Top Global University Project"?
    The Top Global University Project is a ten-year funding project launched by MEXT in 2014. It aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan and provides prioritized support for selected universities pressing forward with comprehensive internationalization and university reform. The University of Tsukuba was selected for the Type A category, which is for top universities demonstrating world-class quality in teaching and research.

    MEXT’s Top Global University Project Website

    University of Tsukuba's Project Outline

    Creating a Transborder University for a Brighter Future

    Initiatives Praised in the Mid-term Evaluation


    ► International Education and Research Laboratory Program
    The program is a system through which the University of Tsukuba invites ‘research units’ consisting of top researchers from excellent universities or institutions in the world. The program enables the university to create world-class research hubs on campus and extend the benefit to graduate education.

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