• Delegation from the University of Hamburg in Germany visits the University of Tsukuba

    10 10, 2018

    Two faculty members and 6 graduate students from the University of Hamburg in Germany visited the disabled student support division of the Center for Diversity, Accessibility and Career Development (DAC Center) on October 10. After visiting a barrier-free lecture hall (Area 2, 2B412) and student support / preparatory room for each disability, we explained about the disability student support system and contents of support at the University Tsukuba and conducted a discussion on disability student support.

    The Deputy Chief of the Disability Student Support Office of the University of Hamburg commented that trying to build a lesson environment based on universal design regardless of the disability in all schools like the barrier-free lecture room is a wonderful thing, in the visit.

    In the discussion, they gave a shocking story that "about 15% of all students enrolled in universities in Germany are students with some disabilities and diseases", which is different from Japan where less than 1% of all students suffers an impairment. We were made aware of the current situation in Japan. It was discussed in the future that the proportion of students with disabilities not obvious at a glance such as developmental disorders and mental disorders will surely increase in Japan.

    Commemorative group photo

    Visit barrier-free lecture hall

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