• Bachelor's Program in Interdisciplinary Engineering Launched

    12 17, 2018

    As a part of Top Global University Project, the University of Tsukuba launched Bachelor’s Program in Interdisciplinary Engineering.

    This program, in which students are able to earn a degree through classes conducted in English, aims to provide students with a firm foundation and specialized knowledge in the Science and Engineering from interdisciplinary perspectives. The vision of this program is to make our graduates as front-runners in Science and Technology, contributing substantially in realizing the next-generation smart-society. To this end, the program offers world-class lectures in science and technology, combined with PBL (Project/Problem based Learning) at laboratories for their undergraduate research from the third year.

    When it comes to the Admission for AY 2019 (only for international students), Application Guidelines are available on the following website (so as well the online registration from):

    Also, we are pleased to announce that this Interdisciplinary Engineering program has been granted its special application for the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarship. As long as they meet all the required conditions, successful applicants (up to three) nominated by the University can be regarded as MEXT Scholarship Students (undergraduate), whose privileges are listed in the following website:

    (*See the column “Undergraduate student”)

    More practical details of this scholarship programs (including application schedule and procedure) will be announced later for the applicants of AY 2019 admission of the Interdisciplinary Engineering program.

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