• The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS2018): Exchange at the Students Commons between university students on a visit to Japan from India and our students

    12 21, 2018

    In the Japanese government led-JENESYS2018, twenty university students who came to Japan from India visited the University of Tsukuba on December 7 (Friday) and deepened exchanges with our students at Student Commons of Global Commons after a tour of the Center for Computational Sciences.

    At JENESYS2018, for the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific, about 5,000 young people per year were invited from Asia and various programs were carried out across the country.

    Our students also joined and a lively discussion was conducted at Student Commons with “How to take advantage of science and technology for the realization of SDGs” as theme extending a human network and providing an invaluable opportunity to be exposed to a global perspective.

    With an eye toward a campus environment where internationalization is in everyday life, Global Commons will further support various international exchange activities with the use of Student Commons.

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