• Global Village Christmas Tea Ceremony

    12 10, 2018

    The Global Village Christmas Tea Ceremony was held at a Japanese room of Daiwa Lease Community Station in Global Village on Tsukuba Campus on December 10, 2018. It was held under the tea ceremony circle “Wakeiseijyaku-sha”, an extracurricular activity group of the University of Tsukuba and the Baumkuchen Association of German and Japanese students, and University staff volunteers. About 40 students attended the event which aims to promote cross-cultural understandings between international and Japanese students through the Japanese culture of “tea”, and receiving information of foreign culture on Christmas.

    Prior to the ceremony, a member of the Baumkuchen Association introduced Christmas in Germany, and then the participants were divided into 2 groups: the koicha (thick tea) group and usucha (thin tea) group and each group drank and ate their fill of tea and Japanese confectioneries. The attending students were relaxed from beginning to end in the open atmosphere of the tea party where they can chat and pose for photos while being at the formal tea ceremony.

    A member of the Baumkuchen Association introduced Christmas in Germany

    Attendees listened to the history of tea

    Usucha served by members of the tea ceremony circle “Wakeiseijyaku-sha”

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