• Tsukuba Conference 2019

    10 04, 2019

    Tsukuba Conference 2019 was held from October 2nd to 4th at Tsukuba Congress Center. The purpose of the Tsukuba Conference was to bring together future shapers beyond all borders to facilitate discussion among them. It provided them with the opportunity to express their vision of the future and to meet their collaborators. University of Tsukuba participated in the conference as one of the member institutions and contributed to its success.

    Opening & Keynotes

    At the opening ceremony on October 2nd, President Nagata gave a welcome address as the chair of the Tsukuba Conference Organizing Committee. Dr. Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Chairperson of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation and a member of Governing Council of the university gave an illuminating keynote speech. Dr. Yoichi Ochiai, an associate professor of Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science, had a casual talk session with the audience.

    Special Plenary with Nobel Laureates

    Special plenary with Nobel laureates was held on October 3rd. Dr. Leo Esaki, President of the Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki and a former president of the University of Tsukuba, who received Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973, and Dr. Makoto Kobayashi, Professor Emeritus of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization and a member of Governing Council of the university, who received Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008, had discussions about “What is really needed for young scientists to be successful in their career?” with other Nobel laureates and young researchers.

    Main Sessions

    On October 3rd, two main sessions were held based on the main theme of the conference, “How do science, technology and innovation contribute to achieving Society 5.0 and SDGs?”

    Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, CEO of CYBERDYNE Inc. and Executive Research Director of Center for Cybernics Research at University of Tsukuba had a presentation and panel discussion with other speakers in one of the main sessions, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Shaping the Next Society.”

    World Cultural Council 36th Award Ceremony

    World Cultural Council 36th Award Ceremony and some related sessions were co-organized by World Cultural Council and the University of Tsukuba. For details, please see the posting on this topic.

    Concurrent and Special Sessions

    During the Tsukuba Conference, our faculty members organized sessions below:

    IoT and AI in Agriculture: Self Sufficiency in Food Production to Achieve Society 5.0 and SDG's Globally

    How can we think about securing foods in the world using biotechnology crops?

    Experiences, ideas, and networking: Life Science solutions to global challenges in the context of Society 5.0 and SDGs

    Techno-hegemony: the International Political Economy of Society 5.0

    Zero Waste Society through Sport

    Establishment of functional recovery and healthy long-life society by regenerative medicine: Building of technical infrastructure and industrial system

    4th International Symposium on Nature-Culture Linkages in Heritage Conservation in Asia and the Pacific: Mixed Cultural and Natural Heritage

    Student Presentation (Oral or Poster presentation, Medical Science & Life Science)

    Practice and Research for Social-Neuro Diversity Science

    Open lecture: Role of particle beam therapy in cancer treatment

    What is the next step? How we realize the future, which ensured diversity and gender equality for creating innovation by young generation?

    Developing a Global Networking System in Medicine

    Future Extreme High Temperature in Developing Asian Mega-Cities and Its Adaptation

    Human-Agent Interaction and Imagination for Future Society

    Tsukuba Scientific English Conference 2019 (TSEC2019)

    Closing Ceremony

    At the closing ceremony on October 4th, President Nagata gave a concluding speech as a chair of the Tsukuba Conference Organizing Committee, and stated that the next Tsukuba Conference will be held in 2021. Four representatives read out Tsukuba Declaration on behalf of all the participants at the end of the ceremony.

    President Nagata giving a welcome address at the opening ceremony

    Keynote by Dr. Kobayashi

    Dr. Ochiai's talk session

    Presentation by Dr. Esaki

    Dr. Kobayashi at the panel discussion

    President Nagata giving a concluding speech at the closing ceremony

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