• Undergraduate Student, Emily Bartlett from United States of America

    College of Biological Sciences, Undergraduate

    Voices of International Students

    Not long after completing high school in the U.S., I flew to Japan to begin my undergraduate experience. I am studying in the college of Biological Science under the school of Life and Environmental Sciences here at Tsukuba.

    On an average weekday, I will attend class for a few hours a day, have lunch on campus, and go to the library to study and complete some assignments. Being on campus is great for me to be productive, because there are so many areas to relax and/or get your work done efficiently. In the later afternoon, most days I hang out with my friends from all over the world and go shopping at center, cook, or work on a project together. There is always something to look forward to.

    helping a professor with lab work

    helping a professor with lab work

    My weekday schedule is fairly standard across the international students at Tsukuba, but on the weekends, everybody has their preferences for what to do with their time. I enjoy going on small trips with my friends or going to various events, but of course others enjoy watching movies at home and sleeping, and others studying.

    Compared to Tokyo or other cities in Japan, Tsukuba is fairly slow paced. Sometimes that becomes a little dull, but all I have to do is take the trait for an hour or so to get pretty much any area in Tokyo. Tsukuba suits me well for everyday life, and I know if I want to experience something faster paced, the big city is not too far out of reach.

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