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    I am currently in my 3rd year of the G30 Social Science program at the University of Tsukuba. My time studying here in the program has been a wonderful experience thanks to the great professors and dedicated students of the program. Originally I entered with the expectation to work on research involving anthropology but since entering I have found a true passion of mine which is physical culture. Thanks to Tsukuba I was able to find what will enable me to live an enjoyable life while working within the scope of Social Sciences. Some of the best things of this program are the diversity among not only students but the course electives available granting students access to top level education on a variety of different subjects. By far one of the things I am most grateful for here within regards to education is the adaptability and supportive nature of the professors and advisers. Whenever I am troubled with research or have questions regarding classes and content learned all the professors are willing to spend the time to instruct us on a personal level and the passion they have for their work clearly comes across.

    At domitories

    My personal life at The University of Tsukuba has also been nothing less than amazing. I have been granted the opportunity to make so many different friends and participate in a multitude of events such as; The Model United Nations, The G7 Science and Technology summit and many others. With so many different opportunities combined with the friends I have managed to make since attending this university my life has been truly wonderful. Travel has always been a passion of mine and thanks to The University I have been able to explore much more of Japan and the world than I would have ever thought possible.

    Washington DC for United Nations

    Washington DC with Model United Nations

    If those of you reading this are considering studying abroad I do recommend doing as much research as possible, but based on my own personal experience I can definitely say it's a worthwhile adventure. My own personal quality of life has improved exponentially since coming here and it can all be attributed to coming abroad for study.

    At Hiroshima Peace Park

    Tokyo Disney Sea with my Father

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