• Graduate Student, Senan Kiryakos from Canada

    Doctoral Program in Library, Information and Media Studies

    Voices of International Students

    I first came to Tsukuba University to complete a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. After doing so and having such a great experience, I decided to stay and am currently enrolled in the related Ph.D program.

    With regards to campus life, my experience is a bit different from most other Tsukuba University students, as the Information Science campus is located in the Kasuga area, separate from the main campus and closer to the city centre. The area itself is more populated, though the campus has fewer students. Traveling to the main campus is quick and is a regular occurrence, though, so prospective students who might be interested in the Information Science programs shouldn’t worry about distance if they want to attend events, join clubs, etc. Academically speaking, however, the experiences are fairly similar. A great group of professors and lots of opportunity to conduct research both in your field of choice, as well as other programs the university offers that may interest you. My student life over the past three years has been great, and I’ve yet to hear complaints from students about their studies, so prospective students should feel confident that they will be able to excel at whatever it is they choose to study.

    As for Tsukuba itself, the small size and quiet, “inaka" style of life is something people tend to either enjoy or not be a huge fan of. If coming from a large metropolis, one might find it a bit uneventful, but as is the common recommended solution, Tokyo is only a quick train ride away. Tsukuba itself contains lots of things to see, places to eat, and so on, but one just has to be willing to do a bit of research. Regardless, living in Tsukuba to study and being able to access Tokyo for recreation is a nice balance and I have no real complaints after a few years.

    Needless to say, I definitely recommend applying to Tsukuba University if you have any interest of living and studying in Japan. You’ll no doubt have a great experience and get a great education in the process.

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