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    I have completed my Masters and am now working on my Ph.D in the Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Tsukuba. I am researching on the meaning of Japanese verbs. There are some differences between Chinese and Japanese. For example, Japanese has a concept that called which Chinese don’t have. This to me is very interesting. Now, I have not only do own research, in order to know some knowledge about Japanese education I attend the project called Japanese teacher training program. In future, I want to be a Japanese teacher, and through researching the Japanese, I hope I can help somebody who wants to study Japanese, and do something for Japanese Education.

    In Tsukuba I must thank my teacher. When I am struggled with my Master thesis, my teacher always gave me some ideas and encouraged me not to give up. The teacher’s warm words made me complete my thesis.

    This year is the third year that I study at Tsukuba. Tsukuba is a quiet and great place for study and research. On weekdays, I go to lesson, study in the lab, and sometimes do some part-time jobs to earn my cost of living. The lab is 24 hours available that is very great. On weekends, I always go to iias or Tsukuba center to do shopping and see a movie with my friends. Sometimes I am just at home to relax myself.

    There are many different countries’ people study at Tsukuba. Thanks to that, I could make friends form different countries, including South Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Australia etc. We sometimes have supper together after school. The amazing thing is that we speak Japanese to each other but we are all from different countries.

    If you are planning to study in Japan or at the University of Tsukuba, I think it’s very worth. And I have some advice for you, the first is to find a major that you think is interesting, the second is to find a teacher who is close to your research, the third is to work hard and never give up, finally, just enjoy your abroad life. Good luck for you!

    In Japan

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    Voices of International Students

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