• Graduate Student, Dong Yu Yang from China

    Doctoral Program in Computer Science

    Voices of International Students

    At a research laboratory

    After graduating from a university in China, I proceeded to the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Tsukuba. I have completed my master’s and am now working on my Ph.D.

    Since my childhood, I’ve always been interested in computing, and am currently struggling with research on algorithms.

    When I first came to the University of Tsukuba, I was impressed with its large campus. No sooner had I started my life in Tsukuba that I became fond of the beautiful scenery and kind students.

    During my first year in the master’s program, I took as many classes as I could and accumulated knowledge. The first year is very important to prepare for writing a paper to get a Master’s degree.

    When I proceeded to the second year, I completed my master’s thesis. It has been a great experience presenting the paper at an academic conference and a seminar, and obtaining feedback from others.

    On an average weekday, I spend time reading a research paper or doing my research at a laboratory while I refresh myself going on a date or shopping on weekends.

    I feel grateful to my adviser and co-workers in our laboratory. Whenever I struggled with my research, they always helped me out by giving their opinions and feedback.

    During my time at the University of Tsukuba, I attended a lot of academic conferences and met a lot of people, where I created great memories and friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

    The University of Tsukuba offers a good academic environment. I really recommend that you consider the University of Tsukuba if you are thinking about studying in Japan. I hope you will attend many academic conferences while studying at the University of Tsukuba, and will have a wonderful encounter and research experience.

    At the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka

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    Voices of International Students

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