• Graduate Student, Seo Bora from Korea

    Master's Program in Disability Sciences, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

    Voices of International Students

    I first visited Japan eight years ago to see a friend living in Kyushu. After the visit, I became interested in Japanese language and culture, and started listening to Japanese music and watching Japanese TV dramas. My major in my home university was social welfare, and I decided to study in Japan to deepen my understanding of that study five years ago. After spending six months to prepare for studying in Japan, I got enrolled in a Japanese language school four years ago.

    I am currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences and majoring in Disability Sciences. My major includes the study of applied behavior analysis, which is related to what I majored in my home university. My study includes a language teaching method for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Though I sometimes find it difficult to teach Japanese language to children as a foreigner, I have managed to do it thanks to the support by team members.

    Before entering the University of Tsukuba, I audited classes at a private university in Japan. After spending a year as an audit student, I became interested in studying more seriously. When I asked a professor for advice, he recommended that I study at the University of Tsukuba, which is one of the most famous universities in Japan that provides special needs education.

    My two years as a graduate school student in Tsukuba was very busy and I sometimes found it hard, however, I'm quite satisfied now because I could make friends with people from various countries and receive guidance from amazing teachers.

    I think the University of Tsukuba provides appropriate learning opportunities for people who have clear learning objectives. Graduate school students in the University of Tsukuba have their specialized fields, and have a mutual respect for each other even if they are still in a master's course. Though my stay in Tsukuba was rather short, I think I could learn about Japanese culture and life from their attitudes and behavior.

    Tsukuba is easily accessible to Tokyo. It has Mt. Tsukuba, and you can enjoy both a convenient city life and a nature-rich country life. I hope you will come and visit Tsukuba one day, and enjoy the charms of Tokyo, which is one of the world's top five cities, and a lush green environment in Tsukuba.

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