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    The University of Tsukuba covers various academic disciplines including the humanities and social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, information science, agriculture, medicine, gymnastics, and the arts. The cooperation of different disciplines helps to achieve distinctive research results.

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    Faculty (Faculty Organization)

    Faculty, the new teaching staff organization of the university, has been positioned to help promote development and cooperation of each study field among different departments in the whole university.
    It has been established as an organization independent from other education and research organizations of the university. This enabled each teaching staff of different Faculty organizations to provide a collaborative class across their research fields. It is expected that education and research at the university will be more interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary.

    Faculty Organization

    Research Unit

    For the purpose of creating new academic disciplines for innovation and offering solutions to global problems, the University of Tsukuba promotes to organize flexible research unit of researchers across their research field. The research unit is expected to blossom into future nationwide leading research core.

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