• Partnerships

    Based on our mission statement that the University of Tsukuba aims to be an open university in all aspects, our university promotes to exchange students, staff, and faculty members with universities overseas. The university also actively accepts international students.
    In addition, our university promotes university-industry-governmental institute’s partnerships to contribute to industry and society through transferring excellent research findings of the University of Tsukuba to the public.

    Campus-in-Campus Partner Universities

    Overseas Partner Universities

    Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration

    Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration aims to create innovation by supporting business startups of the University of Tsukuba and strengthening relationships among university, industry, and governmental institutes.

    University Spin Offs

    The University of Tsukuba is active in entrepreneurship education, offering active business management lectures and living entrepreneur's workshop. The number of university spin off is the top class in Japan.

    University Research Seeds

    Cooperative Graduate School System

    The Cooperative Doctoral Programs are made up of researchers from various institutes. This allows us to provide an education that makes good use of the state-of-the-art facilities at the research institutes.

    Kodai Renkei (High School-University Cooperation)

    In order to contribute to the human resource development of high school students, we dispatch our faculty members to high school around Japan to hold lectures and introduce cutting-edge research approaches.

    Regional Cooperation

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