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    The University of Tsukuba offers unique world class facilities and resources in each academic field including a supercomputer, accelerator, plasma confinement device, biomass cultivation facility, sports science laboratory, partial radiation therapy equipment, and bio resources.
    Of course, these facilities and resources help distinctive studies for our researchers and students, some research centers open its facilities and resources to domestic and international researchers as joint-use facility and national core of various bio resources.
    In addition, as a great advantage for the university being located in the Tsukuba Science City, the location facilitates joint use of state-of-the-art equipment between the university and Japan’s leading research institutes within the City, including AIST, KEK, NIMS and RIKEN.

    Research Centers

    The functions of the University of Tsukuba centers are to conduct distinctive world-leading research as a research core, provide large-scale facilities for joint use on a national scale and to concentrate university resources and facilities in common use for education and research across the entire university.
    Research Centers, University of Tsukuba

    • ► Nationwide joint-use institute
    • Providing large-scale facilities for joint use and Conducting joint research, information exchange and human exchange on a national scale
    • ► Inter-department education research institute
    • Distinctive interdisciplinary research core
    • Concentration of university resources and facilities in common use for education and research across the entire university
    • ► Education research institutes of the departments
    • Core of resources and facilities for education and research of each department

    Pick up

    Supercomputer (HA-PACS, COMA PACS-IX)
    Center for Computational Sciences (CCR)

    6 MV Tandem Accelerator
    Research Facility Center for Science and Technology

    Bio Resources
    Core Facility of the National Bio Resource Project
    Cellular slime molds, National Bio Resource Project (NBRP); Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
    Shimoda Marine Research Center
    TOMATO, National Bio Resource Project
    Gene Research Center

    Transgenic Mouse
    Laboratory Animal Resource Center

    Innovation Medical Research Institute

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