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    We are connecting advanced research capabilities from "Essential Core Technologies", "Integrated Research Technologies" and "Animal Resources". In all, these three divisions of Transborder Medical Research Center will contain 11 specific, high-level research laboratories, services and competencies.
    The open "transborder" concept of our center is built upon five strategic pillars of development: Research Subject, Research Focus, Research Method, Research Organization, and Translational Research. This five pillared approach provides for more effective development of open international collaborative studies by taking full advantage of latest, advanced know-how and world-class cutting-edge technologies. With this open interdisciplinary research effort, we are not only producing high-level research results, but in future, also expect to establish novel research fields and new academic disciplines.
    Transborder Medical Research Center is on a mission to help improve global research cooperation, efficiency and organization within medical research. We are acting decisively to add value and reduce the barriers which often inhibit effective research potential between fields of complex science. We aim to add value to advance society, and to add value to develop a better future for all.


    Foundation Research Division
    - Genome Biology Laboratory
    - Metabologenomics Laboratory
    - Peptides Laboratory
    - Informatics Laboratory

    Integrated Biomedical Science Division
    - Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
    - Infection Biology Laboratory
    - Energy Metabolism Laboratory
    - Cell Dynamics Laboratory

    Animal Resources Division
    - GM Mouse Laboratory
    - Imaging Laboratory
    - Mouse Model Laboratory


    Division: Transborder Medical Research Center, Faculty of Medicine
    Tel: 029-853-7645
    Fax: 029-853-3925
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    E building 5th floor, Medical Area, University of Tsukuba

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