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    At the College of Humanities, students can ponder humanity's various cultural pursuits from their foundations with over fifty specialists. The College of Humanities offers four majors: Philosophy, History, Archaeology & Folklore, and Linguistics, to explore "the nature of humanity." The college has produced roughly 4,500 graduates since the university was founded. Many of these graduates have continued to dedicate themselves to scholarship, and are now successful researchers and teachers.

    Our scholarship is based on a tradition of learning that originated in ancient Greece and Rome. However, this does not mean that we are out of date; our scholarship is of universal value because it has been refined through long periods of thought and contemplation. We continue to ask the question, "What does it mean to be human?" but our work is not simply to collect data and information. We use a range of methods-archival research, ethnographic fieldwork, archaeological excavation, and experimentation-to understand history, language, culture, philosophy, and peoples' lives. The College’s curricula stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity, and help them develop the ability to think creatively and independently.

    Learning at the College of Humanities is not affected by fads or fashions; it does not age, and is a constant source of illumination even in tumultuous times.

    Educational Policy

    Founded on the basic question, "What does it meant to be human?" the College’s mission is to nurture truly cultivated people who can critically understand humanity and its activities as embodied in all aspects of culture, and to actively become involved in and speak out on the many issues of our increasingly globalized world.


    ■ [first & second years] courses in foreign languages, liberal arts, and introductory courses in humanities

    ■ [third year] advanced courses in humanities, literature survey, and/or fieldwork in one of the programs offered by the four majors

    ■ [fourth year] graduation thesis

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    Bachelor of Arts

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