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Entrance Ceremony for Academic Year 2014


After the ceremony

The entrance ceremony for the University of Tsukuba and the Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Teacher Training [...]

KAKEHASHI Project Students meet Mayor of Tsukuba City

2014/03/31Organization of Global Commons


On March 31, 2014, University of Tsukuba Vice President Caroline Benton, staff members, and KAKEHASHI Project [...]

Graduation Ceremony / Degree Conferring Ceremony for Academic Year 2013


During the ceremony

The graduation ceremony and degree conferring ceremonies for undergraduates‚ graduates‚ and the Acupuncture an [...]

Group from University of Virginia, University of Melbourne, and International Baccalaureate Organization visited University of Tsukuba



On March 24, 2014, five presenters for the seminar “Utilizing the International Baccalaureate for the Universi [...]

Moroccan Ambassador Visits President Nagata, and MoU Signing Ceremony held for Mohammed First University


Signing of the MoU

On March 13, 2014, President Kyosuke Nagata received a courtesy call from Ambassador Samir Arrour of the Kingd [...]

Science Communication Lecture “Reach your audience for effectively talking about your research”


Lecture filled with humor

How and why should we effectively convey our university research? To answer these questions,

University of Tsukuba President and Vice President Visit Institute of International Education, United Nations, and Consulate-General of Japan in New York


  Group photo at the IIE

On Monday, March 10, President Kyosuke Nagata and Vice President Caroline Benton visited the Institute of Inte [...]

World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations 2014 International Conference and the University of Tsukuba Symposium


Closing remarks by President Nagata at the International Women’s Day Conference

On Saturday, March 8, and Sunday, March 9, President Kyosuke Nagata and Vice President Caroline Benton were in [...]

Five Malaysian Students Joined Snow Field Trip Offered by Sugadaira Montane Research Center


Discussion with Malaysian students and Japanese students of the College of Biological Sciences

From March 3 to March 7, a tie-up seminar including an English Course for the School of Life and Environmental [...]

Amoeba Constructing Glass House


The above image shows a daughter cell moving into the new shell constructed by the mother.

The amoeba is commonly considered a lower primitive life form, but recent discoveries has changed such an imag [...]

The First National Taiwan University and University of Tsukuba Joint Faculty Conference Held at National Taiwan University


At the venue

On February 21 and 22, the 1st National Taiwan University and University of Tsukuba Joint Faculty conference—S [...]

Super Small Artificial Satellite “ITF-1 YUI” to Launch into Space



The super small artificial satellite “ITF-1 YUI,” the first satellite made by the University of Tsukuba, will [...]

Sugadaira Nature Appreciation Tour for International Students

2014/02/14-17Sugadaira Montane Research Center

Making key holders

  From February 14 to 17, the Sugadaira Nature Appreciation Tour was held at the Sugadaira Montane Resear [...]

President Nagata Receives Courtesy Call from Republic of Tunisia Ambassador to Japan



 On February 7, H.E. Mr. Farhad Khlif of the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia visited President Kyosuke Naga [...]

Delegation of Presidents from North Africa and Middle Eastern Countries Make Courtesy Visit to President Nagata



On February 7, a delegation from North Africa and Middle Eastern countries made a courtesy visit to University [...]

Group from Muslim University of Indonesia visit University of Tsukuba Hospital and its Advanced Research Facilities


UMI,TIMSA, faculty and staff members

On Sunday, January 26, a total of 41 people from the Muslim University of Indonesia (UMI)—including the direct [...]

President and Graduate Students Exchange Meeting


President giving a speech

On Wednesday, January 22, the president and graduate students exchange meeting was held at the University Hall [...]

Vietnam Vice Minister Pham Le Tuan and Director of the Cho Ray Hospital visit University of Tsukuba Hospital

2014/01/20 University Hospital

From left: Vice Minister and  President of the Cho Ray Hospital

On Monday, January 20, Vice Minister Pham Le Tuan of the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, Cho Ray Hospital Direc [...]

Contribution to the Regional Society Open Lecture “Role of English Education in Higher Education: Experiences from Akita International University”



On Tuesday, January 14, the 4th Contribution to the Regional Society Open Lecture “Role of English Education i [...]

President Nagata joined Prime Minister Abe on an Economic Mission to Africa


Luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Abe (from right: President Nagata, Director Ikeda)

For five days between January 9 and 14, President Kyosuke Nagata accompanied Prime Minister Abe on his economi [...]

Meeting with the Côte d’Ivoire Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Meeting with the Côte d'Ivoire Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

On January 10, President Kyosuke Nagata visited the Côte d’Ivoire Ministry of Higher Education and Scien [...]

President’s New Year Address 2014



I wish you all a happy New Year. With the beginning of the year 2014‚ I would like to take this opportunity to [...]

New Office Opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Provost Shiroiwa and Director Megat in front of the new office

On December 18th, the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Tsukuba and the Malaysia [...]


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Open Campus for Prospective Graduate Students

The information about Open Campus Day 2014 is on the university website.

The 29th WPI-IIIS seminar

2014/05/08Faculty of Medicine

29th WPI-IIIS Seminar 2014 05 08

The 29th WPI-IIIS Seminar will be held on Thursday, May 8th, 2014 from 12:00 to 13:00. Date / Time Wednesday, [...]


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A hammer is an essential tool for a geologist. She wears one of these out in a few years.

“Detective of Paleontology : Enchanted with the History of Life” Associate Professor Sachiko Agema [...]



The grammar (regularity) of language is present not only in syntax, but also in sounds. A good ear is needed to hear the subtle differences between sounds.

“My Fair Language” Associate Professor Akio Nasu, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


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