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Car-Share Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba has launched a car-sharing service.

Many people consider that once they obtain a driver's license owing a car is par for the course. The cost of fuel, parking, and other car running costs are extremely high. We would like to propose a new alternative, sharing a car instead of buying a car.

The procedure is very simple. Just reserve through your mobile phone or PC and go to the specified parking space and release the door lock with your mobile phone. And you are ready to drive! It saves your money as car charges are based on how much a car is driven. The less you drive the more you save and contribute to eco-friendly life.

Started in Europe, car-sharing is an innovative system. The car-sharing system enables efficient use of a car. We would like you to enjoy the life of car sharing and campus life.

Car Share Guide

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* This project is carried out as part of undertakings of the Tsukuba Eco-City Promotion Group to examine various factors before introducing a full-scale car-sharing system.

Other activities of Tsukuba Eco-City Group include the followings.

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