Campus Life


Student Groups

Student groups at the University of Tsukuba are divided into the following two types.

- Student groups authorized by the university: Extracurricular activity groups authorized by the university
- Student groups: Student groups voluntarily organized by students

Authorized student groups are given priority for using facilities and equipment at the university. In addition, they are allowed to participate in external activities as students of the university.

* As for detailed student groups and extracurricular activities, please click here.


Implementation Committees for Internal Activities

There are three implementation committees organized by students for internal activities. These committees aim to promote students' independence.

- University Festival Implementation Committee A subcommittee of Zendaikai and authorized by the university.

- Sports Day Committee : A subcommittee of Zendaikai. Its responsibility is to plan and organize the Sports Day at the university in cooperation with the University of Tsukuba Athletic Department.

- Shukushasai (Yadokari Festival) Implementation Committee : Shukushasai Implementation Committee is a voluntary group that carries out the festival under the authorization of the university.

* For details for internal activities, please click here.

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