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Part-time Jobs

Information on part-time jobs is posted on the bulletin board of respective academic service offices of schools and colleges. Job offers are divided into four categories.

  • home tutors
  • cram school teachers
  • language teachers
  • others

Please apply for home tutors, cram school teachers, and language teachers through the university. Application for these jobs can be made at respective academic service offices. After completing the application procedure, you will receive a letter of introduction and an interview report form. Please contact the recruiting company/individual only after you have received the letter of introduction and the interview report form.

For all "other" part-time jobs, the applicants may contact the employer directly. Newly enrolled students may apply for part time jobs only after September (in second trimester).

* Before signing the contract, be sure to read the terms and conditions of employment written in the contract to avoid any trouble. You must take responsibility for your choice of employer and job.

Application method for recruiting company

Companies interested in recruiting home tutors, cram school teachers, and language teachers:

  • Please download the appropriate form "Arubaito Kyujin Hyo [Recruitment requisition form for part-time staff]" listed below.
  • Please read thoroughly the "Kinyujo no Chui [ Instructions for when filling in the form]", before filling in the form.
  • Bring the completed form to the Division of Student Welfare, Department of Student Affairs, 3F of the Student PlazaキャンパスマップGoogleMap版へ. (Application by fax or postal mail will not be accepted.) Information of job offers will be posted on the bulletin boards for 4 weeks.

    The University of Tsukuba set restrictions regarding part-time work. For more information, please refer to the document "Restrictions on part-time work." Job offers that fall into these categories will not be accepted.


Division of Student Welfare, Department of Student Affairs (TEL: 029.853.2227)

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