"IMAGINE THE FUTURE. - Mirai Kōsō Daigaku Lectures – aims at developing global talents with future initiative.
As part of Multidisciplinary Subjects and Free-Choice Electives (Purpose-Built Subjects), the lectures are intended for all students of the University of Tsukuba. In partnership agreement with industries, the lecturers are invited from outside the University. We hope that the lectures will contribute to create the future for the University and the students themselves.
The five lectures will be open for Academic Year 2011 as follows.


The following five lectures will be held in Academic Year 2011.

University of Tsukuba Special Lecture - University and Academic Life - [Multidisciplinary Subjects I] pdf
Lecture by those who take leadership in the University of Tsukuba, such as the President, researchers, and so forth.
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Challenges towards Globalization - Learn from Leading Industry and Government Experts pdf
Lecture by business leaders, etc. who are successful in industries and governments, in the context of that the University of Tsukuba signs partnership agreement with the Japan Project-Industry Council (JAPIC) consist of the best companies in Japan.
AOKI Memorial: Journalism and Media Today [Free-Choice Electives (Purpose-Built Subjects)] pdf
Lecture by the University of Tsukuba alumni who are successful in the Japanese media of mass communication under the academic influences of Akira AOKI, a professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba (a former board editor-in-chief at the Sankei Shimbun and a former president of Yūkan Fuji).
The Heartbeat of Heroes – Imagine the Sports Nation for the Future [Multidisciplinary Subjects II] pdf
Lecture by the sport business professionals, such as athletes, managers, and CEOs who share their energetic spirits and thoughts.
Collaborative Creative Workshop [Free-Choice Electives (Purpose-Built Subjects)] pdf
Workshop by the University of Tsukuba alumni who take lead in the creative industries, such as advertising, publishing, and marketing businesses, etc.

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