Open Debate "the University of Tsukuba and the 100th Anniversary from Japan’s Debut at the Olympics"


The year of 2012 marks the 100th anniversary since Japan first participated in the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games‚ the 5th Olympiad. Also‚ it is the year of the 2012 Summer Olympics‚ the 30th Olympiad‚ scheduled in London from July 27.

Dr. Jigoro Kano‚ who served as principal of Tokyo Higher Normal School‚ the predecessor of the University of Tsukuba‚ led the Japanese national team as a captain at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games 100 years ago. Two athletes from Japan competed at the Stockholm Olympics. One was Mr. Shiso Kanaguri‚ who was a student of Tokyo Higher Normal School‚ competed in the marathon.

Thereafter‚ many players from the University of Tsukuba have won medals at the Olympics. Mr. Sawao Kato (gymnast) has won a total of eight gold medals‚ which is Japan’s highest Olympics medal count ever. Ms. Ayumi Tanimoto (judoist) captured two consecutive gold medals by ippon-gachi. Moreover‚ many students and graduates of our university will compete in games such as judo and soccer at the 2012 London Olympics.

At the open debate‚ the subject of Olympics‚ which has a very intimate relationship with the university‚ will be discussed. Topics include the university’s one-hundred-year history since its debut at the Olympics‚ expectation for the London Olympics‚ and Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympics.

Cosponsor Ministry of Education‚ Culture‚ Sports‚ Science and Technology (MEXT)
Date / Time July 3 (Tuesday)‚ 2012‚ 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Place The MEXT‚ Joho Hiroba Lounge
3-2-2 Kasumigaseki‚ Chiyoda-ku‚ Tokyo (1F of the former MEXT office building)
Chairperson Assoc Prof. Toshinobu Kawai
(bronze medalist: 5‚000m relay of men’s short track speed skating)
Debaters Prof. Hisashi Sanada
(provost of the School of Health and Physical Education / Olympic education / research on Dr. Jigoro Kano)

Assoc Prof. Kaori Yamaguchi
(bronze medalist: women’s judo)

Assoc Prof. Satoru Tanigawa
(competes in the men’s 110 m hurdle)

Guest Speaker Mr. Yusaku Morioka
(Physical Education and Sports Supervisor of the Sports and Youth Bureau‚ MEXT)
Program (1) Lectures on the following four topics
– The 100th anniversary of Japan’s debut at the Olympics‚ Dr. Jigoro Kano‚ and the history of the University of Tsukuba
– Hear about the actual experience at the Olympics
– About the country that would host the 2020 Olympics‚ the 32nd Olympiad: expectation on Tokyo to be selected as the host
– Olympic Movement

(2) Discussion (free talk) on the four topics above

(3) Opinion Exchange
Questions will be accepted from the participants in the event.

Participation Method Advance reservation is not required.
The event is free of charge. Please be reminded that seat availability is limited.
Live Video on the Internet The live video of the event will be available from the links below.
Please see the MEXT’s website ( ) for the detailed information.
– Channel of the MEXT‚ Ustream:
Inquiry Office of Public Relations
Tel: +81.29.853.2063
A full-size PDF of this poster can be viewed at the link below.
A full-size PDF of this poster can be viewed at the link below.


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