Academic Organization

Nationwide joint-use institutes

Center for Computational Sciences GoogleMap
Center for Computational Sciences The center carries out research in natural, life, and environmental sciences using large-scale numerical simulations and data analyses. To advance these researches, the center carries out R&D in high performance computing and networking systems, and applications of novel information technologies. The center was formerly the Center for Computational Physics founded in April 1996; it has been reorganized and expanded with the addition of research areas for materials and life sciences, earth and bio environmental sciences, and computational informatics. The center is an inter-university facility open to researchers throughout Japan.
Shimoda Marine Research Center GoogleMap
Shimoda Marine Research CenterShimoda Marine Research Center (SMRC), University of Tsukuba, located on the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula, is a facility for research and education on marine biology. The marine environment around here is diverse and rich in littoral fauna and flora, providing excellent resources for marine biology. Marine organisms have been providing unique systems in basic biology and contribute in recent life sciences. Now they are especially focused due to the environmental issues and biodiversity. We are doing research and education on marine organisms from molecular to ecological levels for the comprehensive understanding of life and the benefit of human society and environments.

Gene Research Center GoogleMap
Gene Research CenterThe center manages laboratory equipment and systems for recombinant DNA experiments and provides them for gene technologies and applied research and education. It also promotes further development of life science and education.



Plasma Research Center GoogleMap
Plasma Research CenterThe center carries out advanced research and education in plasma physics and its applications (especially, improvement of plasma confinement and performance with electric potential and electric field) and development of related facilities. It promotes mutual research cooperation of plasma fusion science with universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad.



University's inter-department education research institutes (Student Support)

Foreign Language Center, University of Tsukuba GoogleMap
Foreign Language Center The center conducts general foreign language education for the entire university, manages the facilities and equipment required for that purpose and supports a basic research program for contributing to the improvement of foreign language teaching methods and materials.


Sport and Physical Education Center GoogleMap
Sport and Physical Education CenterThe center conducts general foreign language education for the entire university, manages the facilities and equipment required for that purpose and supports a basic research program for contributing to the improvement of foreign language teaching methods and materials.


International Student Center GoogleMap
International Student CenterThe center provides systematic and comprehensive services for international students of the University of Tsukuba, teaching of Japanese and related subjects, and consultation on academic and everyday matters. It also pursues research required for carrying out the above services. The center also contributes to the educational advancement of Japanese students wishing to study abroad by offering them advisory services.


Admission Center GoogleMap
The center conducts Admission Center entrance examinations, the special type of examinations for research-oriented students, and performs surveys and research on the procedures of selecting students.
University Health Center GoogleMap
University Health CenterThe health center provides health examination, medical treatment, health consultations (in the domains of internal medicine, orthopedics, psychiatry, dentistry) and first-aid assistance to students and faculty. While contributing to the promotion of health after graduation and during employment, and to the prevention of health problems, it also provides psychiatric and mental health counseling for students.



University's inter-department education research institutes (Research)

Life Science Center of Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance
(Life Science Center of TARA)
Life Science Center of Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance (TARA) The center carries out advanced academic research to open up new interdisciplinary academic fields through its association with research institutes in Japan and abroad and is premised on returning research outcomes to society.


Agricultural and Forestry Research Center GoogleMap
Agricultural and Forestry Research CenterMajor functions of Agricultural and Forestry Research Center are to offer classes on agricultural practice and to conduct experiments on agriculture and forestry.



Laboratory Animal Resource Center GoogleMap
Laboratory Animal Resource CenterTo promote research and education in biomedical science, the center manages laboratory equipment and systems for animal experiments and provides supervision including the development, maintenance and supply of bio-resources including induced mutant mice.


Sugadaira Montane Research Center GoogleMap
Sugadaira Montane Research CenterThe center manages and provides experimental and practical education facilities in a natural montane environment for field experiments and practical education in biology and earth sciences. It contributes to the development of these fields in the university.



Research Center for University Studies GoogleMap
The center was established in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (current Bunkyo School Building, Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba) in 1986 as one of the nation's most prominent research centers, aiming to conduct academic research on the function of universities and higher education institutions in Japan. It deploys energetic activities including providing research presentations through seminars and public research meetings, and cultivation of human resources for the university operations.
Proton Medical Research Center GoogleMap
Proton Medical Research CenterThe center mainly conducts the advanced medical care of proton beam theraphy. It also manages equipments and facilities relevant to proton beam theraphy and provides them for research and education in the biomedical sciences and medical physics.



Tsukuba Industrial Liaison and Cooperative Research Center GoogleMap
Tsukuba Industrial Liaison and Cooperative Research CenterThe center promotes cooperative research, facilitates technological incubation and transfers excellent research findings of the University of Tsukuba to private enterprises.



Center for Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development GoogleMap
The center supports educational personnel development in developing countries and contributes to their enrichment and development. Furthermore, as a core center in Japan, it carries out research on educational development and international education cooperation in the field of basic education.
Research Center for Knowledge Communities GoogleMap
Research Center for Knowledge CommunitiesThe center conducts interdisciplinary research on knowledge communities that have evolved through advanced information networks. Its mission focuses on research and development of informatics geared toward the formation, representation, organization, interoperability, and evaluation of knowledge and information shared in the community.


Tsukuba Research Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science GoogleMap
The center aims to develop novel functional materials and to create innovative ideas in materials science through collaboration and integration of engineering and science.
Special Needs Education Research Center GoogleMap
The center aims to preserve and further develop professionalism in the field of education for disabled children and to propose new research approaches in the framework of special support education.
The Alliance for Research on North Africa (ARENA) GoogleMap
With linking North Africa's unique and various potentials with Japan's advanced science and technology, the ARENA aims to enhance academic research on North Africa and Islamic cultural areas, and develop a new academic field of "North African Studies." The research fields of the ARENA include Bioscience, Environment and Energy, Humanities and Social Sciences, and ICT and Innovation. The ARENA promotes interdisciplinary and comprehensive research on the area studies, with combining the four research fields.
Academic Computing and Communications Center GoogleMap
Academic Computing and Communications CenterThe center supports the education and research performed in the university by the management of the information network system, the campus wide computer system, authentification system, e-learning system, media equipment system, and the research and development of advanced utilization of those system.


Research Facility Center for Science and Technology GoogleMap
Research Facility Center for Science and Technology The center manages four experimental facilities for scientific research and education, including tandem electrostatic accelerators, facilities for cryogenics, chemical analysis facilities, and engineering workshops.
Tandem Accelerator Complex
Cryogenics Division
Chemical Analysis Division
Engineering Workshop Division


Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics (CRiED)
The Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics was established on December 1, 2012 by unification of the Radioisotope Center and the Terrestrial Environment Center to improve the ability for studying long-term effect of radionuclides in natural environment. The center consists of the Radiation Management Division and the Research Division. The Radiation Management Division manages radioisotopes, radiation facilities and X-ray generators, and trains researchers using radioisotopes. The research division conducts interdisciplinary research on redistribution of radionuclides in forest ecosystems and hydrological system.

Radioisotope Center GoogleMap
Radioisotope CenterThe center manages radioisotopes (including wastes), radiation facilities, and X-ray generators in the University of Tsukuba. The center educates users in the safe handling of radioisotopes and radiation facilities. It also offers facilities for research and education.
Terrestrial Environment Research Center (TERC) GoogleMap Tandem Accelerator Complex (Former Terrestrial Environment Research Center)
The center manages meteorological/hydrological observation systems and experimental facilities for heat/water balances and a 4m wide / 160m long flume for earth surface process studies. It provides those for research and education in terrestrial environment studies and contributes to the development of geoenvironmental sciences and other related sciences.


Tsukuba Critical Path Research and Education Integrated Leading Center (CREIL) GoogleMap
The center facilitates patient-oriented clinical research through expert education, the construction, and administration of various support systems. It aims to develop and expand novel medical technologies and devices as well as to contribute to preventive medicine.
Center for Cybernics Research GoogleMap
Center for Cybernics ResearchCenter for Cybernics Research aims intends to contribute to the development of a new cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary field, known as "Cybernics," which is fusion of human, machine and information systems. It aimed to create innovation and the emergence of a new industry through assistive technologies that can support, increase, and expand human capabilities, together with the larger goal of making this country’s medical, nursing, and health care industry into the leading growth industry of Japan. Besides being a global leader in the field of human support technologies, the Center fosters world-class research and development personnel and works toward commercializing research achievements and returning them to society through industry-university-government cooperation. Through these activities, it seeks to pioneer the future of this country.

Funding Program for World-leading Innovative Research and Development on Science and Technology

Other Educational Institutions

Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Teacher Training School GoogleMap(ja)
It is the only school for physical therapy teacher training designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. This "Physical Therapy", means a part of oriental medical therapies including acupuncture, moxibustion, "ANMA" massage (Japanese traditional massage) and "SIATSU" (finger pressure therapy). The mission is to train teachers of the physical therapy in charge of the vocational course of the school for the visually impaired, and to conduct basic and clinical research on the physical therapy. The school also provides acupuncture massage treatment for general outpatients, contributing to better health of local residents and providing an opportunity for students to learn the therapy.
Center for Counseling and Rehabilitation Services (Tsukuba Campus)
The Center provides people of various ages, including infants, school children, adults, and the elderly with professional counseling services concerning psychological or mental disorders, and strives to help them and their families address their problems. In addition, the Center is a place for conducting research on practical psychology and psychosomatic disorder as well as training professionals in this field.
Center for Counseling and Development Support Services (Tokyo Campus)
It’s an educational counseling center for infants, pupils, students, and adults with a psychological or a developmental problem. The Center will provide support to help them overcome their problems. In addition, the Center is a place for conducting researches on clinical psychology and special needs education. Students of the Laboratory Schools of the University of Tsukuba have priority use of the Center.
Venture Business Laboratory GoogleMap(ja)
The purpose of Venture Business Laboratories is to promote original and cutting-edge research that would promote future venture businesses and develop creative human resources possessing advanced specialized vocational skills.

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