Academic Organization


Graduate Courses

Doctoral Degree Program
To nurture researchers in specialty fields and professionals with a high degree of technical skills, the Doctoral Program has two kinds of courses, a 5-year program, and a program divided into one 2-year and one 3-year term.
Master's Degree Program
The master's degree programs aim at producing professionals with academic and technical expertise and at offering re-education opportunities for the general public.
Professional Degree Program
The professional degree programs emphasize practical training and education and aim at producing human resources with highly specialized professional abilities.
Cooperative Graduate School
Due to the rapid progress and further sophistication of science and technology, research fields have become more departmentalized and spicialized. New interdisciplinary fields ahve emerged that defy the boundaries of traditional academic fields, leading to the need for integrated research.

Undergraduate Courses

Schools and Colleges
(Undergraduate courses)
The University of Tsukuba further developed its unique features and reformed its undergraduate school system into schools and colleges, in order to achieve a better quality of education.

School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA)

Doctoral Program Education (Degree Program)
The School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA) was established in 2011, aiming to expand and manage the multidisciplinary degree program.

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Extension Courses
The University's Open Courses offer an opportunity for learning to all members of society using the university's specialization and comprehensive education and research functions.
Credited Auditors
Undergraduate credited auditors who have been admitted to the university can register for classes at the undergraduate level.


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