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Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in 2001 by integrating academic fields in the humanities and social sciences. Up until 2007, it consisted of six Doctoral Programs: Program in Philosophy Program in History and Anthropology, Program in Literature and Linguistics, Program in Modern Cultures and Public Policies, Program in Social Sciences, and Program in International Political Economy. They were all five-year consecutive programs producing many outstanding students. To cope with the subsequent academic development and change in social needs, the School has been reorganized in 2008 into nine programs that are largely divided into two types: those with five-year doctoral courses and those with two-year master's and three-year doctoral courses.

The School has incorporated the former Master's Program in Area Studies as a two-year program called the Master's Program in International Area Studies.The new Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to produce researchers, educators, and highly-skilled professionals with excellent research abilities in the humanities and social sciences who are also creative and flexible enough to cope with academic developments and changing social demands.


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