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Office of Public Relations
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Enrollment Guidebook for International Students

Request of the Guidebook by Post

The International Student Center, University of Tsukuba, has compliled a guidebook, "Enrollment Guidebook for International Students", which provides comprehensive information for international students who are planning to apply to our university. To request a copy of the guidebook by post, please see the wesite of the International Student Center Office outgo.

International Students' Guidebook

enrollment Contents
1. Outline of the University
2. Admissions
3. Campus Life at the University of Tsukuba
4. Miscellaneous

"International Students' Guidebook" (available as a PDF file on this page) is updated every year and available for incoming students.

Information for Foreign Students

International Student Center
Phone: +81.29.853.6084

Junior Year at Tsukuba Program

International Student Center
Phone: +81.29.853.6084

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