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Spaces for Exhibition and Exchange
Spaces for Exhibition and Exchange

University of Tsukuba 30th Anniversary Hall
In order to contribute to all five types of cultural exchange taking place at an international, national, regional, school, and university level, the University Hall with its surrounding facilities and environment will be transformed into engaging spaces serving as the gateway to communication between the university and society.
University of Tsukuba Gallery
Together with the 30th Anniversary Hall, the University of Tsukuba Gallery, containing works of art and materials on the university's history was equipped to send out information to society and serve as a space interacting with visitors. The Gallery halls present the distinguished scholars' memorial exhibition. They are three Nobel Laureates, Dr. Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, Dr. Leo Esaki, Dr. Hideki Shirakawa and Dr. Yutaka Akino, a scholar of international politics, who was gunned down during his service in peacekeeping activities. In addition, P.E. and Sport Exhibition staring with the Olympic medalists, the Laboratory Schools Exhibition (which is located mainly in Tokyo and has much history and tradition), and the Art Collection presented by Mr. Akira Ishii, are provided at the Gallery.
University of Tsukuba Art Space
This space exhibits creations fostered in the University of Tsukuba, as well as national and international works of art and pieces produced by the Ibaraki Prefecture's local artists.
Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
Closed: Mondays (except University of Tsukuba 30th Anniversary Hall)
Winter holidays

From April 1, 2016
Closed: Sundays (except University of Tsukuba 30th Anniversary Hall)
Winter holidays

Inquiries: University Hall Office (Phone: +81.29.853.2382)
Nearest bus stop is "Daigaku Kaikan Mae".

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