Medical Seminar: the 1st Bio-Medical Technology Seminar (the 351st TSMM Seminar)


"Nikon Super Resolution Microscopes", developed with the new technology that exceeds the traditional optical microscope's space resolution power, are rapidly becoming familiar to us, after a series of new products released with a TV commercial. In this seminar, we will hear about the basic principle of the microscope, and the latest imaging technology that overcomes the diffraction limit.

Date / Time July 18 (Wednesday) 17:00 - 18:00
Place Room 204, F Building, Medical Science Building GoogleMap(JP)
Speaker Mr. Yoshiro Oikawa (Application Technology Department, Nikon Instech Co.,Ltd.)
Topic Nikon Super Resolution Microscopes: beyond the boundaries of the traditional optical technology
Inquiries Assistant Professor Atsushi Kawaguchi of the Faculty of Medicine (Ext. 3942)
Assistant Professor Akihiro Kawashima of the Tsukuba Society for Molecular Medicine (TSMM) (Ext. 3355)

* Taking this seminar provides a credit of the "Medical Seminar" of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences.
- TSMM Seminar is related to the Medical Science Seminar II (representative: Professor Koji Hisatake of the Faculty of Medicine)


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