Concept of the official web site

The University of Tsukuba’s official web site includes pages created by schools, colleges, faculty members, research organizations, and research centers of the University of Tsukuba. Each organization bears responsibilities for their pages.
If you have any questions or comments about these pages, please make inquiry or contact the organization concerned directly about the contents. Please note that personal information such as address or e-mail addresses of students, staff, and faculty members are not provided for any reason.


The contents of the official web site are the copyrighted property of the University of Tsukuba. Unauthorized reproduction, editing, or distribution is strictly prohibited.
The copyright information on the Top Page provides suggestions for respecting and protecting the copyrighted material but does not serve as a legal basis in "informal" Japan.
Information regarding copyright and related laws is available at the web site of the Copyright Research and Information Center.


The home page was designed based on the concepts of "Web Accessibility" which is one part of universal design. Organizations are encouraged to follow these guidelines when designing their own pages.
For information about the University of Tsukuba logo, emblem, etc., please click here: (VI: Visual Identification System )

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