New World Record for Calculating Pi

New World Record for Calculating Pi

(Center for Computational Sciences: 2009.08.17)


The Center for Computational Sciences of the University of Tsukuba set a new world record by calculating the value of pi to 2‚576‚980‚370‚000 digits.

The supercomputer T2K Tsukuba System that can perform 95 trillion calculations per second was used for the calculation. The Center for Computational Sciences at the University of Tsukuba has been using the T2K Tsukuba System since June‚ 2008.

This record doubled the previous record held by the Information Technology Center of the University of Tokyo and Hitachi Ltd. for calculating 1‚241‚100‚000‚000 digits in 2002.

This world record was achieved in the course of assessing the performance and reliability of the supercomputer.

Pi is known to be an irrational number and since Archimedes calculated the value of pi to 3.14 in the third century B.C.‚ efforts have been made to calculate the value of pi more precisely.

The digits increased approximately twofold through the use of 640 high-performance servers of the T2K Tsukuba System and efficient programming‚ yet the calculation time was successfully cut down to 73 hours and 36 minutes (including validation calculation)‚ just 1/8 of the calculation time required for the previous record.

In order to confirm that 2‚576‚980‚370‚000 digits of pi were calculated correctly‚ results of two different equations were compared and were found to be the same.

Furthermore‚ no single failure occurred during the computation‚ thereby verifying the high reliability of the T2K Tsukuba System.

T2K Stsukuba System
T2K Stsukuba System


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