The 8th Moukarimesse Higashi Osaka 2012 in Tokyo

The 8th Moukarimesse Higashi Osaka 2012 in Tokyo


The 8th Moukarimesse Higashi Osaka 2012 in Tokyo was held at the Tokyo Big Sight from June 27 to 28. It was sponsored by Higashiosaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
A number of manufacturing companies from Higashi Osaka and Kinki area participated in the event. It offered a good opportunity for participating companies and universities to exchange information on their demands‚ and show their technology.

The University of Tsukuba ran a booth at the event‚ introduced the following contents:
- The long-term internship program for the graduate school students and post-doctoral fellows of the University of Tsukuba at the Global Leader Career Development Network
- Video streaming platform for learning by utilizing cloud computing‚ developed by a venture company from the University of Tsukuba‚ Shizuku Lab Co.‚ Ltd.

In addition‚ the following contents were explained in a poster presentation style:
- Botryococcus‚ algae producing hydrocarbon-derived oil‚ developed by Professor Makoto Watanabe of the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
- "World leading human-assistive technology supporting a long-lived and healthy society" by Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai of the Faculty of Engineering‚ Information and Systems
- "Center for Behavioral Molecular Genetics" by Professor Masashi Yanagisawa
- "Production of bioethanol by utilizing a portable reactor that is suitable for producing biomass on-site" by Associate Professor Yutaka Kitamura of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
- Activities of Undergraduates and Graduate school students who have supported Nadeshiko Japan

An exchange meeting for the participating universities and companies was held on the evening of June 27.
At the first session‚ President Toyohiko Aoki of AOKI Co.‚ Ltd‚ an originator of the artificial satellite "Maido Ichigo" development project‚ gave a lecture titled‚ "The great manufacturer Japan‚ secret for revival".
At the second session‚ Visiting Professor Hisaaki Hirabayashi of Tsukuba Industrial Liaison and Cooperative Research Center (ILC) (industry-university-government cooperation coordinator of Industry Relations and Technology Transfer Office‚ University of Tsukuba) presented a talk on "Industry-university-government cooperation activities at the University of Tsukuba".

Participating companies showed high interest in a long-term internship system of the Global Leader Career Development Network‚ which enables a company to accept an intern student without incurring the cost. The number of venture companies from the University of Tsukuba and their study results also attracted high attention in the event.

Many businesspeople from Kinki area visited our university's booth. We expect this event will become an opportunity for the university to collaborate on research activities with the companies.

Ota Technical Transfer Manager explaining to a visitor
Ota Technical Transfer Manager explaining to a visitor


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