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Prospective Students: Graduate Courses



Some contents are available at the website of International Student Center (ISC) isc. The contents indicated by isc are external links to the ISC.

schools and colleges

Admission Information
Links to adimission information for the graduate schools.
About the University
Univeristy of Tsukuba is a new type of comprehensive institute of higher education established in October, 1973, as the successor to the Normal School, which was fonded in 1872. The university thus embraces a history of over 130 years.
Doctoral Degree Programs
Introduction to the seven graduate schools.
Master's Degree Program
The master's degree programs aim at producing professionals with academic and technical expertise and at offering additional education opportunities for the general public.
Professional Degree Programs
The professional degree programs emphasize practical training and education and aim at producing graduates with highly specialized professional abilities.
Directions to the University
University of Tsukuba has three campases in Tsukuba and Tokyo. Different educational programs specific to each campus are described in Educational Organization.

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