• Science Cafes

    Various scientific, academic, or English themes are talked casually in the Science Cafes. Followings are the regularly-scheduled ones. Please refer to the Event Information on the university website for irregular events.

    3E Cafe

    This event is open to public to talk about the 3Es (Environment, Energy, Economy) over a cup of coffee.
    We will talk about the goal of the 3E Forum and the vision of "Eco-City Tsukuba" through the interaction.

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    3E Forum

    Bio e Cafe (Science Cafe by Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

    "Science Cafe" is an approach to talking frankly about science, not in a formal setting such as a lecture room or in a lab but casually, over a cup of coffee.

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    Website of Bio e-Cafe- managed by students

    Website of Bio e-Cafe- managed by the Gene Research Center

    iit cafe

    The "iit cafe" refers to the Doctoral Program in Advanced Engineering Systems, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering. The purpose of "iit" cafe is to have conversations about current technological directions with leading professors and promote exchanges over coffee.

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    iit cafe

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