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    I. Our Mission in the Global Society

    In the global society of the 21st century the action to be taken by our university is conceived as follows:

    1. The accumulation and communication of knowledge sustained by high-level research;
    2. The production of human resources to provide international leadership;
    3. The creation of international cooperation networks.
    In order to fulfill our role as a world-class research university in a rapidly globalizing world, we aim to offer solutions to global problems through the creation of a groundbreaking system for the acquisition of knowledge.

    II. Defining Characteristics of our Internationalization Strategy

    Based on the founding principle of being an open and accessible institute of higher learning, the University of Tsukuba has promoted internationalization in accordance with its distinctive qualities. In addition, our management efficiency is based on an accurate assessment of the environment in which universities are placed domestically and abroad. In particular, to this end, we have recently concluded international cooperation agreements with North Africa and Central Asia, regions that are at the forefront of Japan’s international strategy. In the spirit of such traditions, and based on the concept of being routinely internationally-minded, we promote the cultivation of human resources capable of symbiosis at the global level, and engage in efficient and strategic development aimed at strengthening the function of being a world-level stronghold for research and education. At the same time, we promote internationalization within local communities by taking advantage of our geographical location in Tsukuba Science City.

    III. Fundamental Policies for Expanding and Enriching Internationalization

    (1) Internationalization of Education and Research

    • 1. We will form ties with universities and research institutions overseas, and establish centers for joint research and education.
    • 2. We will advance the internationalization of our educational system and extend our compatibility with international standards.
    • 3. We will carry out cutting-edge joint research with overseas research organizations, research groups and researchers.
    • 4. By accepting first-class students and researchers from overseas, and by supporting the activities of our students and staff abroad, we will promote the exchange of human resources.

    (2) Internationalization of Campus Management

    • 1. We will expand and enhance our system of transmitting information internationally.
    • 2. We will expand our overseas liaison offices and cooperative arrangements, and advance international exchange through our overseas offices designed for a variety of activities.
    • 3. We will further improve the internationalization of our academic organizations, facilities and staff and provide an environment for accepting top-rank students and researchers from overseas.
    • 4. We will cooperate with Tsukuba Science City to promote internationalization jointly with the local community.

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