Master's Program in Psychology

Master's Program in Psychology

Master's Program in PsychologyDepartment Website (Japanese Only)

We offer two courses for MA degree in Psychology: General Psychology Course and Clinical Psychology Course. The General Psychology Course consists of the three tracks, perceptual and cognitive psychology, educational and developmental psychology, and social psychology. In the Clinical Psychology Course, we offer two tracks, the Clinical psychology, and Developmental Clinical Psychology. These two courses are accredited as one of primary level graduate programs by Japanese certification board for clinical psychologist and students complete this course is eligible to apply for the certification.

Some specific examples of careers that students graduated from this program might pursue include certified clinical psychologists of Japan, research associates in research laboratories, and government officials, in addition to going on to school of the doctoral program. We work closely with Kansei-Cognitive Brain Science Specialty, and Human Development Specialty. On completion, we offer a master's degree in psychology.

Educational Policy

This program offers advanced education and training in a wide range of courses in psychology that are basic and practical. Students will acquire the skills in research methodology that may contribute to society in their career.
In the General Psychology course, it is emphasized on developing advanced skills in research methodology and prepares students to apply psychological principles to the analysis of various problems, and the implementation of intervention strategies for addressing these problems.
In the Clinical Psychology course, educations in this course prepares students to be a scientist-practitioner who integrates science and practice in everyday clinical work. The course is committed to training clinical psychologists with a broad range of research, clinical and professional skills.


  • [First Year]
  • Methodologies on Psychology
  • Lectures and Seminars related with General Psychology,
  • Lectures, Seminars, and Practices related with Clinical Psychology

  • [Second Year]
  • Basic Research on Psychology (Supervision on writing master thesis)
  • Presentation and Joint Supervision on Master Thesis (three times)
  • Special Research on Psychology (Lectures about the newest psychological research)

Type of degree

MA in Psychology

Celebrating the 151st{50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st{50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba