Important Notice

Changes in the Mode of Operations of Our University (From August 20, 2021 onward)

August 20, 2021

To: Students, Faculty Members, and Employees

COVID-19 Response Team
KATO Kazuhiko, Vice President for General Affairs

The COVID-19 infection status is at a crucial stage in Japan and Ibaraki Prefecture at the moment.
Ibaraki Prefecture has declared a state of emergency on August 16 and the government has decided to add Ibaraki Prefecture as a target region of the declaration of a state of emergency on August 17.
Furthermore, we have to be mindful more than ever to the prevention of infection spread including the identification of the occurrence of multiple clusters in the infection status on campus.

From the above, the mode of operations based on the COVID-19 situation in our university from August 20 (Friday) is as stated below.
For students, faculty members, and employees, every effort should be made to acknowledge this current grave infection status and comply with requests from the government and Ibaraki Prefecture.
Furthermore, by this notice, the "Change in the Mode of Operations of Our University" dated October 1, 2020 is abolished.

Mode of Operations of Our University (From August 20, 2021)




By giving utmost consideration to infection spread, classes are mainly conducted online while face-to-face classes, class exercises, and training are restricted.


If possible, research activities at home are recommended.
Seminars, etc. are conducted online; provided however, that a minimum amount of experiments, etc. that need to be conducted on-campus are allowed to continue ongoing experiments and research.

In that case, they shall be conducted with careful attention paid to infection prevention including securing a distance of 2 meters or more with a smaller staff size within the laboratory, working staggered shift times, and ventilating the room frequently.

Entry of students to the campus

Students can enter the campus as usual with attention to the prevention of infection spread; provided however, that they avoid unnecessarily entering the campus.

Extracurricular Activities

Refrain voluntarily from extracurricular activities in groups (including small-scale activities ※1); provided however, that the following activities are allowed.

  • Individual activities conducted while working for the prevention of the spread of infection
  • Activities vital to event participation, etc. where the advisory faculty member takes responsibility for implementing infection prevention measures

※1"Small-scale activities" are activities with 5 to 6 people avoiding the Three Cs.

On-campus meetings

If possible, on-campus meetings are conducted online; provided however, that for emergency meetings or those that have a substantial need to be conducted in person, face-to-face meetings are allowed by taking preventive measures against infection spread.

Administrative structure

Limit commuters by making the most use of work at home and staggered commuting.

(Additional Entry) The handling of work at home shall be at the supervisor's discretion based on the form of operation, etc. of each organization.

(Reference) Press Conference Materials of the Governor for COVID-19 (August 16) (Ibaraki Prefectural Website)

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