• Inauguration Ceremony for the Supercomputer Oakforest-PACS

    12 02, 2016

    The Joint Center for Advanced High Performance Computing (JCAHPC) began operating Oakforest-PACS, a supercomputer with the fastest calculation speed in Japan, at the University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus. JCAHPC is a research center jointly managed by the Information Technology Center, University of Tokyo and the Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba. Professor Hiroshi Nakamura serves as Director of the Information Technology Center; and Professor Hiroshi Nakamura serves as Director of the Center for Computational Sciences. A ceremony to commemorate the inauguration of Oakforest-PACS was held at the University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus on December 2.

    A number of dignitaries and people engaged in the development of Oakforest-PACS attended the ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of Japan’s fastest supercomputer. The attendees included Director-General Yayoi Komatsu, Research Promotion Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT); President Makoto Gonokami of The University of Tokyo; and President Kyosuke Nagata of the University of Tsukuba.

    JCAHPC Director Hiroshi Nakamura expressed his determination at the ceremony: “There is a growing demand for supercomputing. Oakforest-PACS is a supercomputer that is ranked with the world’s top supercomputers. We would like to make the best use of Oakforest-PACS and contribute to society through the implementation of joint research and the development of human resources.”

    Oakforest-PACS is scheduled to undergo operational testing until March 2017. It is scheduled to be used for joint research programs from April 2017.

    Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the inauguration of Oakforest-PACS

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