• Holding of an Overseas Crisis Management Seminar before the spring recess

    02 07, 2020

    The Global Commons of the University of Tsukuba held the overseas crisis management seminar before the spring recess for students, faculty members, and employees in the Tsukuba Campus on February 7.

    Mr. SAITO Susumu of the Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. was invited to talk on "Points to be checked before travel and points to consider in relation to safety management during overseas travel" in the seminar. Next, Associate Professor NOMURA Nakao of the International Exchange Support Division in the Global Commons discussed the "7 things to be checked when students travel overseas" including on-campus procedures, etc. before travel.

    About 80 students, faculty members, and employees attended the event. Students who took part said, “I obtained specific information on what should I do before traveling overseas, such as the checking of overseas safety information or joining insurance.” and “I understand the key point that I have to keep in mind.”

    The Global Commons is scheduled to hold this seminar regularly to further increase awareness about overseas crisis management of students, faculty members, employees in our university.

    Mr. SAITO's lecture

    Asst. Prof. NOMURA's lecture

    A glimpse of the seminar

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