• Nature INDEX Pick-up in September

    10 02, 2020

    Nature INDEX, a research database website operated by Springer Nature, includes a webpage that introduces the University of Tsukuba.

    In the Research highlights on the Nature INDEX, research articles written by faculty members of the University of Tsukuba are listed. The articles on the list are chosen by an editorial team of Springer Nature once a month, from among those published in 82 high-quality science journals.


    In September 2020, it features on the research by the group of Professor INAGAKI Yuji of the Center for Computational Sciences (CCS).  

    “A new model for studying organelle formation”

    (Source: Chihiro Sarai, Goro Tanifuji, Takuro Nakayama et al., "Dinoflagellates with relic endosymbiont nuclei as models for elucidating organellogenesis" in PNAS March 10, 2020 117 (10) 5364-5375; first published February 24, 2020; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1911884117)

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    Organellogenesis Still a Work in Progress in Novel Dinoflagellates

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